Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find a list of complete and very practical answers. Don’t forget, our experts are best placed to answer your questions.
How do I book my driving test?
  • Get a learner permit include photograph
  • Pass a NYSDMV-approved 5-hour pre-licensing course
  • Practice driving

Then you can call our office to make a schedule for your road test. Our office no. is 347 793 3901.If you have learner permit but don’t have 5 hour certificate, don’t worry talk to us.
How can I get the learner permit?
  • Take DMV reservation for permit test exam
  • Go to this website
  • Practice the quiz test
  • Go to DMV for the test of learner permit and submit your all require documents to the DMV office
Also we have a small book to help you get ready for written test
How long is the 5-hr Class Certificate valid for?
The 5-hour course certificate valid for one year from the date of issuance it means you have to take the road test within one year. If the certificate expires before you take the road test, you have to take the lessons but if your certificate is expired after you take the road test, you will be good to give the driver test or road test with this certificate
How long is the Defensive Driving Course Certificate valid for?
Valid for 3 years but sometimes after 18 months if you lose your point from your driver license you can retake this course